Loanhead Clinic

We have a history of providing for pets in the Loanhead area

We have built our strong reputation for caring for both our clients and their pets in the Loanhead area, always endeavouring to improve our services.


Our Loanhead practice offers a fully comprehensive range of pet care, providing the most up to date first opinion veterinary services. We are open 7 days a week with 8 vets and 9 nurses.

We operate in two fully equipped surgical theatres where we perform routine elective procedures, such as spays and neuters, as well as advanced soft­tissue and emergency surgery. We provide orthopaedic surgery for patients who require it, including surgery for pets with fractures, ruptured cruciate ligaments and patella luxation.

Our diagnostics services include endoscopy, digital x­ray, ultrasound, microscopy, and in-house blood and urine analysis.

Our endoscopic equipment allows us to perform minimally invasive surgery, as well as giving us the ability to visualise areas we wouldn’t usually be able to.

The following services are available at our Loanhead branch:

Our Loanhead branch and the services we provide there is open 7 days a week. We are located at 44 Fountain Place in a quiet location away from the road and with a private car park.

Give us a call on 0131 440 4229

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